Monday, November 2, 2009

World Famous for 15 minutes

Aaaah the joys of being famous, or is it really such a joy? When I think about fame, I immediately think about red carpet events, glamorous dresses and of course LOTS of money! But on the other hand, is it really such a joy to have ZERO privacy and to have your whole life splashed across tabloids? Would it be that glamorous to be followed 24/7 even if you just go to the shop to buy a bag of chips? And the following day you are featured on the cover of People Magazine in your sweats with the headline reading, “Should she really be eating that?” Not that exciting, is it?

If I were to be world famous for 15 minutes it would probably be for stalking Brad Pitt. Yes, I would be the girl who duck-taped herself to Brad Pitt’s car bonnet, to get him to talk to her, even if he just said, “I think you need psychiatric help.”

Fame, although I would have completely adored to be adored, is a little bit aver rated and to my opinion, not all that glamorous. But I will say, that for the amount of money those people receive, I would endure a little bit of stalking, bad publicity and no privacy!!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Boys prefer blondes, men prefer brunettes.. a BLOND, and in the good name of all patriotic blonde woman, I am not going to agree with this statement.

Blondes have been, for thousand of years, the subjects of discussion. I mean, when you google the word blonde, you get anything from thousand of blonde jokes, to a “blonde keyboard” (which is pink and totally cool, if I might add) If boys prefer blondes...why have MEN, spent all of these hundreds of years, making such a huge fuss of blondes? Even going so far as to make a movie for goodness sake!!Did they spend all this time and energy because they think blondes are hideous or to make fun of them??I don’t think so!

Whether blondes have more “fun", is another debatable subject altogether. But for the time being, I truly love, love, love being a blonde. All the blonde jokes going around has made it sooo easy for us to literally get away with anything....but no- WE ARE NOT STUPID! Whether fake or real, blondes have the right to be extremely proud of their hair colour! And I believe GENTLEMEN prefer blondes...

Friday, September 4, 2009

What Motivates Me...

In short: A HELL OF A LOT

Personally, motivation plays a MAJOR role in my life. Without motivation, my attempts at well...anything would be extremely half-hearted.

What motivates me:

1.God: The presence of The Almighty in my life motivates me daily to appreciate each day as a gift and life everyday as if Jesus died yesterday, rose today and is coming to take us to heaven tomorrow. No matter how dull or dark a situation may seem in my life, I can always close my eyes, pray to The Lord and be motivated to face each daunting task head-on.

2.Potential: When I see potential in a situation or person I feel extremely motivated to push that situation/person to the limits.

3. DOUBT: When people doubt that I have the potential or needed skills to perform a certain task, I am more motivated than EVER to prove them wrong and do the task even better than expected.

4. Belief: People who believe in me, motivates me to be even better, and to do even more in the fear of disappointing them and letting them down.

On a lighter note, what motivates me...

5. $ Money $ : However vain it may sound, if the price is right I will make it work!

6. Good Food: With a tummy full of good food, I feel more motivated and willing to take on any situation or anything.

7. Sports: Watching a good game of Western Province, or Springbok rugby or by simply playing a game of netball, really motivates me to be even more passionate, enthusiastic, patriotic and to be fearless in whatever I take on

8. Music: Nothing amps me up more for a night on the town than a feel-good song, which at the moment is Black Eyed Peas, Tonight’s gonna be a good night...

9. HOT BODDIES: When I look at magazines or TV shows where Jessica Alba is featured in her bikini, I feel more motivated (and depressed in a sense) to hit the gym and train until I feel like I am about to throw-up!!

Motivation is important, without any motivation, how would you feel enthusiastic and passionate about a certain situation,task or person??

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Personal Autonomy

Your personal autonomy refers to your right to be self determining and your right to choose how you live your life. I believe that personal autonomy is vital for your personal growth.

As an individual I believe that one should embrace your personal autonomy in order to "know" yourself and learn from your own experiences. If you are not self determining and have no way of expressing your feelings, opinions and beliefs, how would you ever be seen as an individual? I know that each individual strives to be unique, to be different in some or other way..this is what makes you, you!

Bearnice Johnson Reagon said that life's challenges are not supposed to paralyze you, they're supposed to help you discover who you are. This statement rings very true when thinking about your personal autonomy and your personal growth. Taking charge of your personal autonomy and living life to the fullest, will ultimately make you the person and individual you are .Life’s experiences, and the mistakes you make during the course of life, will shape the perceptions and outlook you have on life, your personality and relationships and ultimately shape your being.

Monday, August 24, 2009

How to meet Mr Right

Aaaaaahhhh, the joys of being in love. What is better than that feeling of butterflies in your stomach when seeing that special someone in your life? Well maybe a credit card with no limit during fashion week in Milan...but for the sake of this article, NOTHING!

How does a girl know that the man standing infront of her will take care of her, love her, not cheat on her, be considerate of her feelings, put her first? Is there a simple, miracle test to finding out if he is everything you want in man? Well, NO!

Now don’t head to the convent just yet!!There are some more fun ways of finding that hunk.

1. Take up Golfing. Now ladies’, golfing is a sport which men of ALL traits play. This is an easy way in which you can meet men in a relaxed and yet competitive environment. Men use the golfing experience to network, or in our case, this networking can be flirting. And if you did not find Mr Right, you would at least have built up some potential business contacts.
2. Go to Coffee Bars. This is where people usually go to relax, read a newspaper or a book and casually chat with other coffee-junkies. This is a place men go to take a break from their everyday lives and not worry about work, money etc. This is an environment where one could easily initiate first contact, by seeing someone sitting on the couch reading a newspaper or book you have just finished. So heat it up over a hot cafe late.
3. Go to a sports bar. ALL MEN LOVE SOME SPORTS. What is it all men talk about? Sports, Fast cars and you know what. This is an easy way to chat up cute guys by showing interest, and knowledge in a specific sport.
4. Go to a Speed Dating Night. This is a VERY easy way to meet men that you know are also looking for that someone special. And yes, it might be a VERY painful experience, but hey who ever said finding love is easy?
5. Join a Gym. Gyms are basically like night clubs, without all the drinking and standing around. And even if you don’t find Mr Right, you may find a hunk with abs of steel to take you on a very HOT date.
6. Cultivate a LARGE circle of friends. This way you will meet people you would never have before.

Ok, so this is not working, well STOP BEING SO DESPERATE AND OBSESSED! All good things come to those who wait, but in the mean time, follow some advice I got from a girlfriend. Look for a guy with:
A great smile, nice personality and HOT ass. Because then at least when he leaves you will have a GREAT vision instilled in your mind!

Happy Hunting Girls......

"Bunch of Animals" is one comment on CPUT strikes.What is your opinion?

“CPUT student strike turns violent”, “Violent CPUT students get attacked by Police”, “and Management closes CPUT”, “Violence at CPUT protest”
These were some of the headlines splashed across newspapers during the time of the CPUT strikes.

GREAT publicity for our institution isn’t it? What parent would want to send their children to CPUT after seeing that this is the manner in which our institution handles a problem?

Personally I think this was a strike that was handled in completely the wrong manner. I personally do understand the reason for the strikes, but why did students turn so violent? Was it necessary to start vandalising the CPUT property??Raid cafeterias? Put the lives of fellow CPUT students in danger??Ruin the reputation of CPUT for potential students? A simple answer, NO!!!!

There are definitely two guilty parties in this whole strike, the SRC and Management. The SRC firstly did not take the time to involve all students in the strike process. They took the liberty to act on behalf of all the CPUT students, but never bothered to involve or even inform students of what this was all about. Management on the other hand was wrong for not communicating with the SRC and did not take the time to “read” the document presented by the SRC, which resulted in their violent response.

Striking has become a regular event at our institution, in my four years of studying at this institution, there has been at least one or two strikes a year. What is the lesson behind all of this? If you want something, STRIKE??Well, then I feel that I have the right to a strike of my own. The striking students violated my right to education. They took away a week of PAID for education. Does this give me the right to start a strike??????

My feeling about all of this, ALL could have been avoided by COMMUNICATION

Monday, August 17, 2009

10 Most unexpected consequences of being ONLINE

1. You might just meet your very own prince charming (On the other hand you may think you met him and upon the first date realise that he is a 65 year old freak)
2. You might enter an unprotected sight and unexpectedly download a MONSTER virus, which totally seizes your computer
3. Finding the PERFECT, once-in-a-lifetime, million dollar a month, over the moon, amazing job
5. You might realise that you Blog has more followers than President Obama himself and become a world acclaimed journo!!
6. Logging onto facebook only to find yourself tagged in photographs that you would rather have burned!!!
7. Writing on your BF’s facebook wall only to find that he is single????
8. Sending a nasty email only to find it was sent to the wrong person....
9. Buying a GHD on ebay and when it arrives it is a hairdryer and not a straightner
10. Making a GREAT friend